First Time Setup


This section covers the First Time setup of the flight controller including mounting to the frame, connecting it to the receiver and ESCs and then performing initial configuration and calibration.  This section assumes that you’ve already chosen and built a frame and have selected your flight controller.

1.Install Mission Planner (Windows, Mac) or APM Planner (Windows, Mac, Linux) on your desktop or laptop computer which will be used to install Copter on your flight controller and to perform the required calibration and configuration.

2. Mounting the flight controller to the frame and Vibration Dampening

3. Flight Controller specific instructions for connecting Pixhawk, APM2 and PX4 to the radio receiver, ESCs, etc

4. Load Copter Firmware onto APM, Pixhawk or PX4: Load your autopilot with the latest copter firmware.

5. Hardware Configuration: Use Mission Planner to configure radio control, calibrate the compass and accelerometer, and select your copter’s orientation.

6. ESC Calibration>: ESCs must be calibrated before they can be used. This section guides you through calibrating ESCs automatically and manually.

7. Motor Setup: This page shows you how to test the spin directions of the motors, set them correctly, and attach propellers.

Example builds

DJI F3300 FlameWheel Assembly Instructions

Done all the above?  Then you’re ready for the First Flight.

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