First Time Setup

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Complete the following steps for first time setup and don’t forge to review the Safety Page.

1. Assembly Instructions for APM or PX4: Assemble your copter, wire power components, and connect APM and RC receiver.

2. Install Mission Planner: Before programming your APM autopilot, follow these instructions to install Mission Planner onto your Windows PC.

3. Load Copter Firmware onto APM, Pixhawk or PX4: Load your autopilot with the latest copter firmware.

4. Hardware Configuration: Use Mission Planner to configure radio control, calibrate the compass and accelerometer, and select your copter’s orientation.

5. ESC Calibration: ESCs must be calibrated before they can be used. This section guides you through calibrating ESCs automatically and manually.

6. Motor Setup: This page shows you how to test the spin directions of the motors, set them correctly, and attach propellers.

7. Battery Information: Learn about using LiPo batteries for your copter.

Done all the above?  Then you’re ready for the First Flight.

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