Install Mission Planner software and load firmware

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Install Mission Planner software and load firmware


  • Download the Mission Planner Installer. (The downloads page still needs work)
  • Run the installation utility, it will install any necessary software drivers.

  • Select “Install this driver software anyway” if you are given this warning:

Note: If you get a DirectX installation error, update it here.


  •  You have now completed installation of the Mission Planner software.

Note: Mission Planner will notify you of any future updates, and with your permission it can upgrade itself. It is not necessary to run the installation utility again.

Load firmware



  • Connect your APM or PX4 and computer via the micro USB port.
    • Note: USB hubs may not provide adequate power, connect directly to your computer.
  • Windows will recognize the APM and install the correct hardware driver.
  • Note: If you get a message stating “driver not found”, help is here.

  • Open Mission Planner.


  • To connect through USB choose the port assigned to your APM (displayed as “Arduino Mega 2560) and set Baud rate to 115200.


NOTE: You do not need to hit “Connect” in order to load firmware onto your APM.


  • Click the firmware tab.MP_icon_firmware
  • Choose your copter variant by clicking the appropriate icon. The Mission Planner will auto-detect your board type, download the latest firmware from the Internet, and load it on your APM board.

Note: +/x frame configuration will be selected later in setup.



  •  When the task bar is complete, your firmware is installed.

 The next step is connecting your RC inputs and motors.